• Electric and chain hoists
  • FLEX radio-controlled systems (authorised supplier)
  • Telecranes radio-controlled systems
  • Chain lifting slings
  • Webbing slings
  • Wire rope slings
  • High tensile Shackles
  • Attachments specials
  • Spares for all makes of cranes and lifting equipment

Cranes and Lifting Gear

A key requirement of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) stipulates that all lifting equipment must be subject to periodic and thorough examination by a competent person. Merely keeping track of lifting equipment can be a real challenge. Consequently many companies struggle to meet their obligations.

LOLER defines lifting equipment as “Work equipment for lifting and lowering loads, including the attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it.” This means that beyond high profile equipment such as overhead travelling cranes and electric hoists, a broad range of smaller items - such as slings and shackles are also bound by regulation. Therefore, meeting legal compliance and ensuring the integrity of overhead lifting equipment demands a rigorous system of control - at all times.

The start-point for effective management of overhead lifting gear is ensuring that every component has a unique identification number. This should be combined with other essential marks, including the Safe Work Load, the Manufacturer’s ID and the Traceability ID.

Many lifting equipment components are relatively low cost and straightforward items. However, it is important to remember that simple ‘below the hook’ parts such as slings are nevertheless crucial in securing the load during the lift. Wear or potential faults should be identified at the earliest opportunity and any necessary remedial actions must be expedited promptly. Unfortunately, commonplace items such as slings, shackles and so on, are also amongst the most easily overlooked items in casual wear inspections.

To remain compliant, and to minimise the risk of lifting-related accidents and potential legal repercussions, it is vital that site managers and employers embrace effective systems of identification, storage and control. 

AESS services include:

  • New lifting equipment installations
  • Planned maintenance to safeguard uptime
  • Breakdown - rapid response and repair
  • Equipment proof-testing
  • Control equipment
  • Remote controller systems
  • Staff Training in planning lifts, pre-lift risk assessment and other aspects of corporate responsibility. 

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