• Winding Resistance Test
  • Megohm, PI and DC Step Voltage Tests
  • Surge Test
  • Laser alignment services
  • On-site balancing
  • Motor rewinding
  • Motor overhaul
  • New motor sales

Electric Motor Testing Services

State of the art Baker testing, utilising the Baker AWA winding analyser, will enable a complete insulation system to be tested and compared to previous values. This practice will help to pinpoint developing faults before they become urgent catastrophes.

AESS performs automatic motor testing, including:

  • Winding Resistance Test - for detection of loose connections, open circuits, dead short circuits and misconnections.
  • Megohm, PI and DC Step Voltage Tests - for checking the condition “to earth” of the insulation system.
  • Surge Test - for detecting turn-to-turn insulation weaknesses.

The vast majority of test personnel rely on the Megohm test as an ‘all-in-one’ test, failing to understand that it has limited capabilities. AESS personnel consider it important to perform a suite of tests, which probe all aspects of the insulation system, and provide more scope for detecting the varied faults that can occur.

Paschen’s law of Physics states that a potential difference of at least 325 volts between conductors is required before weak insulation can be located. Surge testing creates the required differential, while Megohm testing may not. As 80% of electrical failures begin as turn-to-turn weakness, surge testing must be utilised as part of the test procedure. 

A cautious word on dormant Stock Motors 

The condition of the motors you hold in stock may not be apt for urgent breakdown roles. Motors can sit dormant, held in stock for years, and yet they are expected to run to capacity as soon as they are installed and the instant the start button is pressed. Many refuse to start - and if they do, they may not run for long. AESS experts recommend regular testing of your stock motors to ensure that they remain in peak condition and can be relied upon in an emergency.

To arrange an on-site demonstration to highlight the capabilities of AESS motor testing, please contact call the Service Centre on 07595 276330.

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