• Pre-emptive IR Thermal Inspections
  • Remote Facility and Substation Monitoring
  • Trending Performance Inspections and instant fault recording
  • Predictive fail-time estimates
  • Pre-fail repair and maintenance


Through early identification, potentially serious faults can be rectified during planned maintenance, helping to avoid sudden breakdown, costly lost production, and danger to operational staff. Components can be checked while operational and without physical contact.

Also known as Thermal Imaging, Thermography can be performed quickly and efficiently without the need to stop production in electrical systems. Issues such as loose and corroded connections, hot spots and load imbalances can be detected. Similarly, mechanical problems, including faulty bearings, general deterioration, overheating or misaligned pulleys can also be revealed by the use of Thermography.

The temperature of electro mechanical equipment will invariably rise prior to complete failure. Infra-red (IR) cameras are effective in the advanced diagnosis of suspect faults or failing components. Not only can impending failure be predicted but often the likely timing of the fail event can be predicted, enabling preventative repairs to be made safely in advance of actual failure.

Thermography is accurate, non-destructive, non invasive and fast. Tests provide instant information, helping to avoid blackouts, brownouts, sudden total failure and costly downtime. One US insurer cites that each survey prevents an average claim loss estimated in the region of $9000.

AESS provides Pre-emptive Thermography monitoring for most industrial operations including Manufacturing Plants, Hydraulic Systems, Electrical Power distribution Systems, Chemical Plants, Mills and Remote Substations.

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